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St Mary’s Church of England Junior School

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Maths games

Primary maths games: Multiplication collection

This video contains three maths games; two are great for practising times table facts and the third is more challenging. 0:00 Introduction0.15 Connect 4 mult...

Primary maths games: How to play All Change Multiplication

A brand new Times table game!All change multiplication is a simple, fun and thought provoking game to help children rehearse their multiplication and divisio...

Primary maths games: How to play One more, one less.

This game is great for Reception and KS1 children. This is a tug of war style game where children get the chance to explore adding one more and finding one l...

Primary maths games: How to play Risky

Risky is great fun. How brave are you? Dare you turn over another card, or are you going to play it safe and bank what you already have? It is suitable for a...

How to do your times tables on your fingers x 6, x 7, x 8, x 9.

This game uses a trick to help with remembering the 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables. These can be the most challenging of the tables for children to learn, so thi...

Primary maths games; How to play Bank the difference

This a great game to play to help with:ordering and comparing numbers, comparison model of subtraction and calculating the difference. 0:00 Demo game3:56 Wri...

Primary maths games: How to play Regroupy

Regroupy is a great game to practice column addition.It can be played with 4 digit by 4 digit as shown here, but also could be 3 digit by 3 digit or even dec...

Primary maths games: How to play Digit placement game

How close can you get to the target number?This is really fun game for KS2 pupils, focusing on place value, decimals and rounding. It can be easily adapted f...

Primary maths games: How to play Race to 100

This is a very popular game which also goes by the name of the Banker's game. It is excellent at supporting pupils in understanding place value and regroupi...

Primary maths games: How to play Duel

Want a quick to learn game that can be used to practise lots of different areas of maths (including time tables) and is fun at the same time? Duel is the ans...