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  • Year 3 95.4%
  • Year 4 96.8%
  • Year 5 97.2%
  • Year 6 93.6%
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St Mary’s Church of England Junior School

Enjoying our learning together with love, respect and friendship


For all safeguarding concerns out of school hours please call 0300 123 4043


1. Re read The Spider and the Fly poem from last week. Create a wanted poster for the Spider. Think about his mannerisms, appearance, what will happen to you if you approach him, what to do if he is encountered. An example wanted poster (for The Highwayman) is included below.


2. Look at the images from the poem on the resource sheet. One shows the recipe book the Spider uses. The others are of the dinner table with various dishes. Your task is to write some recipes (ingredients and instructions) for dishes that could come from the book e.g. Bubbly Beetle Broth or Melt in the Mouth Moth Medley. You could also illustrate the pages.


3. Write full descriptions of your dishes for a detailed menu that would be persuading someone to eat them/at the Spider’s restaurant. Have a look at the two examples on the resources sheet and find a balance between them.


4. Grammar work: Bitesize Lesson Tuesday 9th June Year 5 Fact and opinion


5. Spellings: Spelling shed, word focus: Challenge words list 1 (New list for 5G morning words-list 3).