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  • Year 3 95.4%
  • Year 4 96.8%
  • Year 5 97.2%
  • Year 6 93.6%
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St Mary’s Church of England Junior School

Enjoying our learning together with love, respect and friendship


For all safeguarding concerns out of school hours please call 0300 123 4043


Picture 1 Max's beautiful poem :)
Picture 2 Eden's fantastic poem :)
Picture 3 VE report by Tom!
Picture 4 Fantastic writing Jack!
Picture 5 Wonderful work Eden!
Picture 6 Here is her brilliant story
Picture 7 Sophia's picture for her amazing story
Picture 8 Zane's amazing poem
Picture 9 Naomi's finished story
Picture 10 Chapter 2
Picture 11 Last part of Naomi's story
Picture 12 More writing from Luke
Picture 13 Luke's Fabulous writing
Picture 14 Harry's sinister story continuation
Picture 15 By Annabel
Picture 16 Annabel dressed as her character!
Picture 17 Darcy dressed as a character for her writing.
Picture 18 Writing by Angelica :)
Picture 19 Zane's wonderful story setting description
Picture 20 Zane's beach setting description
Picture 21 Jack working really hard on his handwriting.
Picture 22 Well done Orla! great poem
Picture 23 Naomi's dialogue work
Picture 24 Naomi's character description
Picture 25 Naomi's brilliant setting!
Picture 26 Wonderful descriptive writing by Orla!
Picture 27 Luke's fabulous city description
Picture 28 Luke H's fab description (great handwriting too!)
Picture 29 Orla's great acrostic poem
Picture 30 Brainstorm for his circus description
Picture 31 Caleb with his great description work
Picture 32 Caleb's brilliant circus description
Picture 33 fantastic descriptive writing by Edward