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St Mary’s Church of England Junior School

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For all safeguarding concerns out of school hours please call 0300 123 4043

Daily Challenge: Wednesday 1st April

Today's challenge is all about constellations, the pattern that stars form.


Sometimes constellations can take the form of an animal, a mythological creature, a person or an abject.  such as a crown or a spoon.  

Task 1: Draw some dots 'stars' on a piece of paper then connect them together with pencil lines - what animal, person, creature or object do you think you have created? Give your newly formed constellation a name.

Task 2: Take a protrator (if you have one) and measure the angles made by your constellation.  If you haven't got a protractor then label your angles, acute, obtuse, right angle or reflex.

Task 3: From your original sketch you can transform it into a beautiful work of art, use water colours and flick white paint to create stars in the background. 


Send us your results!