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Daily Challenge Monday 20th April

Today’s challenge is a Cubist self portrait.  Cubisum was invented about 100 years ago by two artist Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque.  Their style is strange to look at first and looks a bit weird. Have a look at some examples and I explain why they made things look like this.


Picasso and Braque were great friends. Cubisum started at the same time as the first movie cameras, people were beginning to watch moving pictures. You could see the front of someone’s faces then the side in a split second. The artists were bored of making things look realistic in art, they thought there must be a more interesting way.


Picture 1

They decided to show people and objects from many different angles. All in one painting.  Can you see the person playing the mandolin in this painting by Picasso? It looks like it’s made of lots of different cubes.

Picture 1

Picasso wanted to show the changing modern world in his paintings. This one shows a lady’s face from many different angles its looks like a carton moving on the screen.


Picture 1

Cubists also like to simplify objects into simple shapes like these ladies by Fernad Leger. They are made from circles cylinders and flat shapes of colour. They almost look like robots.

Picture 1

Here Picasso has used black lines to show the features of a lady’s face from different angles then flat shapes of simple colours.  Sometimes Cubists also added collage instead of painting the cut shapes of coloured paper.  This is called ‘Synthetic Cubism’.

Picture 1

Now its your turn!


Start by drawing or painting two self protraits, one face on and one from the side. Don't worry if they don't look perfect, you're going to chop them up anyway!


Then rearrange your face like a Cubist. One you have the combonation that you like, add some big flat areas of colour. You could aslo add some collage too. 


Don't forget to send us your creations so they can go on the website.  Have a look at my attempt below!

Picture 1 I used just a few thick black lines
Picture 2 My profile turned out less well
Picture 3 Cut up both pictures, then rearrange them
Picture 4 When your happy with the layout, stick it down.
Picture 5 Then use flat blocks of colour, or use paper.