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St Mary’s Church of England Junior School

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Daily Challenge: Friday 3rd April

For today's challenge we are going arty again! Mural art to be precise.  Mural are huge paintings or pictures often put on the side of houses and other public buildings. Today I would like you to image if you could paint a mural on the from of your house or building what would it be?  Murals used to convay a message to a community. Have a look at the examples below for inspiration. 

Picture 1 By Kelly Spencer cares about the oceans
Picture 2 Adventure time, house in Brighton
Picture 3 A positive message with bold colours
Start by drawing your house or building, just in pencil is fine. Then think about the message you would like to say. Have a look my progress so far.
Picture 1 Very simple outline
Picture 2 Start placing the text on the building
Picture 3 Add colour, make it bold.
Picture 4 'Im using water colour pencils
Picture 5 I think it needs a strong outline

One more thing: Try not to leave any white space on your design. I have finished mine. What do you think?


Picture 1 Done all my letters, now for the rest of the house
Picture 2 My finished design, no white spaces.