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St Mary’s Church of England Junior School

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Daily Challenge Friday 24th April

Shoelace Art

Today we are going to do a mixed media artwork that’s a little bit interactive.


‘Mixed media’ means that you make an artwork with things other than paint and pencil.  Sometimes these things aren’t even art materials, they can be objects you find around your house.


We’re going to do a mixed media artwork using shoelaces, wool or string.


The Dada artists were the first to stick random things onto their artworks.  Kurt Schwitters had stuck some bus tickets onto his artwork here.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Candy Jernigan has stuck her dad’s old wallet on this artwork, with a picture in the pocket. It feels a bit like she wants us to take out the picture and have a look.

We are going to do a mixed media artwork using shoelaces as a theme.  First find some shoes and remove the laces, you can always use wool or string.

Picture 1
Then draw a picture of your shoes from above.  Make sure you can see all the eyelets in the drawing.  Colour it in as you like.
Picture 1

Now use scissors to poke holes in the eyelets.  This is a grown up job! Put a piece of cardboard behind the picture to make it easier.

Picture 1

Thread some shoelaces or some wool through the holes.



Picture 1

Congratulations! You have made an interactive mixed media artwork! 


See how many different ways you can tie the laces.  Don’t forget to send us your pictures of your creations.