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St Mary's CE Junior School

Enjoying Our Learning Together


Year 6

A new statutory National Curriculum was introduced in 2014. Our teachers have been working hard at developing a new and more inspiring school curriculum. An example Year 6 timetable can be seen by clicking on the button below;

Below you will see develop a term by term view of the broad themes and aspects being taught in Year 6. Underneath you will see a button that will enable you to download a much more detailed version of the curriculum that covers the National Curriculum objectives for each area.


Autumn Term Year 6 Themes and Subjects

First Half Term

Second Half Term

Theme; Traffic Jam!

Theme: We'll Meet Again

PHASE 1; Inspire and Motivate

Visit to various locations in Ware for Traffic surveys

War themed starter in the classroom

PHASE 2; Learning specifics

Report writing (English)

Literary Heritage (English)

Traffic surveys (Geography)

War on the Home Front (History)

Traffic story (Music)

War time songs (Music)

Electricity (Science)

Animals including humans (Science)

Controlling devices (Computing)

Dig for Victory (Environmental Studies)

Moving vehicles (DT)

Wartime recipes (DT)

Gymnastics travelling (PE)

Evacuee Journey Dance (PE)

PHASE 3; Apply and Share

Children will make a toy car, produce a piece of music telling a traffic story and write a report on the traffic in Ware.

Sharing with parents will be classroom based where children will teach some of the skills they have learned and share their findings.


Children will make their own bread bearing in mind healthy choices; create their own ‘Evacuee Journey’ dance, learn some wartime songs and create information texts.

Sharing with parents will be through Bready Steady Cook- bread making; making healthy food choices; singing and dancing; sharing stories and facts.

Non-themed Subjects

The Power of Imagery (English)

Mindstorms programming (Computing)



Buddhism (RE)

Founders of faiths & Christmas (RE)

Basketball (PE)

Football (PE)

French- greetings family, pets

French- Feelings, Responding to a poem, Christmas

Dig for Victory (Environmental Studies)

Spring Term Year 6 Themes and Subjects

First Half Term

Second Half Term

Theme: Finding a voice

Theme: Who do you think you are?

PHASE 1; Inspire and Motivate

Key Question: What is your opinion on mountain expeditions?

Osmington Bay residential visit  (1 week)


PHASE 2; Learning specifics

Finding a Voice (English-emotive poetry)

Short Stories ( English)

Arguments (English)

Sense of Place (Art)

Mountains (Geography)

Coasts revision (Geography)

Programming- Lego Mindstorms (Computing)

Evolution and Inheritance (Science)


Manipulating Images (Computing)

PHASE 3; Apply and Share

Parent Presentation on debating- sharing opinions, posing questions, getting involved in the discussion and arguments using facts researched.

Parent Presentation on Osmington Bay, working through aspects of learning related to fossils, evolution, contrasts in the locality and outdoor pursuits.

Non-themed Subjects

English Skills

English Skills



Belief (RE) Buddhism and Christianity focus

Expressing Faith in Art (RE)

French (MFL)

Indoor Athletics (PE)

Cricket (PE)

Hockey (PE)

Gymnastics (PE)

Environmental Studies: Dig For Victory!

Summer Term Year 6 Themes and Subjects

First Half Term

Second Half Term

Theme: Going for goals?

Theme: Where are we going?

PHASE 1; Inspire and Motivate

Apprentice video clips

Viking Day experience including dressing up;

Van Hage visit

PHASE 2; Learning specifics

Persuasive Writing (English)

Viking and Anglo-Saxons struggle to Edward the Confessor (History)

Viking Dance (PE)

Apprentice (DT)


Jingles (Music)

PHASE 3; Apply and Share

Making products to sell to the school and local community

Non-themed Subjects

English skills

English skills

Maths skills

Maths skills

Ideas about God (RE)

Responsibility for the environment (RE)

French - Sports (MFL)

French - Responding to a story (MFL)

Athletics (PE)

Tennis/Swimming (PE)

Coding: Scratch (Computing)

Networks (Computing)

Sex and relationships education (Science/PSHE)

Singing together (Music)

Hats (Art)


Environmental Studies: Dig For Victory!

Examples of other planning are available on the main curriculum page.


An example of one of the changes we have introduced as a result of our curriculum review has been the Year 6 residential visit to PGL at Osmington Bay in Dorset during the Spring term. The event was a big hit with all. The Powerpoint video below gives you a taster of what the children experienced.

If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher for further information.


And a final farewell to our Class of 2017 leavers.


Here is wishing you all the very best of luck at your new schools.