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Enjoying Our Learning Together


Year 4

A new statutory National Curriculum was introduced in 2014. Our teachers have been working hard at developing a new and more inspiring school curriculum. An example Year 4 timetable can be seen by clicking on the button below;

Below you will see develop a term by term view of the broad themes and aspects being taught in Year 4. Underneath you will see a button that will enable you to download a much more detailed version of the curriculum that covers the National Curriculum objectives for each area.


Autumn Term Year 4 Themes

First Half Term

Second Half Term

Theme: Go with the Flow

Theme: Imaginary Creatures

PHASE 1: Inspire and motivate

Showing of website from last year and discussion over potential school partners re video links and email pen pals.

Spend an afternoon reading, watching and discussing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

PHASE 2: Learn Specifics

Creating Images (English)

Stories set in Imaginary Worlds (English)

Rivers (Geography)

Hand Puppet (Design & Technology)

Word Processing (Computing)

Image manipulation (Computing)

River songs (Music)

3D modelling (Art)

PHASE 3: Apply and Share

Classroom based learning experiences and presentations covering the learning and outcomes of each area above.

Presentation to parents: photos, poems and newspaper reports published on website made public to parents

Hall based presentation discussing our day at Harry Potter World, looking at photos and videos taken. A chance to look at the models and puppets that have been made and some children perform a fantasy based story with their hand puppets.

Non-themed Subjects

English Skills

English Skills



Science; States of Matter

Science; Animals including humans - Teeth

RE; Christianity

RE; Hindu

Environmental Studies; Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!!

Environmental Studies; Food Glorious Food!



PE: Basketball and Sportshall Athletics

PE; Football and Gymnastics

Spring Term Year 4 Themes

Theme: Legendary Adventures

Theme: Toy Fayre

PHASE 1: Inspire and motivate

Have an Ancient Greek morning where we all wear togas and we sit and listen to/watch some Ancient Greek myths. We will also do Greek introductory activities such as identifying where Greece is and what it is well known for, listening to some Greek music and tasting some Greek food.

Classroom will have various children’s toys set up around the room, with prices by them, almost like a toy shop. Children will watch an episode of the apprentice where the two teams have to design and make a product and then pitch it to big companies to see how many orders they get, to reflect the processes they will be going through themselves.

PHASE 2: Learn Specifics

Myths (English)

Persuasive Writing (English)

European Location (Geography)

Electricity (Science)

Ancient Greece (History)

Making a Toy (DT)

Coding (Computing)

Advertising Jingles (Music)

Greek Dance (PE)

Making adverts (Computing)

PHASE 3: Apply and Share

Parents take part in a carousel of activities related to our Greek theme e.g. tasting Greek food and finding where it is grown, reading our Greek myths, looking at presentations about the Ancient Greek Olympics and watching our dance.

Children demonstrate the toys that they have made at our toy fayre. Parents act as visitors from the toy industry to test the toys and place orders for those that they like. Orders are compiled and the winning toy is revealed.

Non-themed Subjects

English Skills

English Skills



Animals, including humans – The digestive system (Science)

Gymnastics (PE)

German (MFL)

German (MFL)

Christianity and Sikhism (RE)

Sharing food as part of religious worship (RE)

Importance of Water (Environmental studies)

Why can’t we grow coconuts in the courtyard? (Environmental studies)

Hockey (PE)

Cricket (PE)

Summer Term Year 4 Themes

Theme: Explosion and Fire

Theme: Out in the wild

PHASE 1: Inspire and motivate

Watch BBC documentary on Pompeii. Look at the events, the effects and the links with The Romans.


Visit a local location which provides a range of habitats for wildlife. Look for evidence of different habitats and animals which may live there. Take photos of habitats and also of any animals which are visible.

PHASE 2: Learn Specifics

Information Texts (English)

Exploring Form / Stories with dilemmas (English)

Roman Empire (History)

Living Things and Habitats (Science)

Volcanoes and Earthquakes (Geography)

Databases (Computing)

Sound and Vibrations (Science)

Andy Goldsworthy (Art)

Roman Dance (PE)


PHASE 3: Apply and Share

Parents are invited in to an assembly style presentation where we share our work including Roman dance, Volcano explanation texts, Roman song, Erupting volcanoes and scenes of Roman Life.

Parents will be invited in to a parent’s presentation in our nature garden (weather permitting). Here the children will present the habitats work they have done in a practical way, getting parents to identify mini-beasts with the classification keys they have designed. There will be poetry readings in the garden and examples of their Andy Goldsworthy artwork on display with opportunities for parents to produce similar work. Parents will also be invited to share our 'Smoothies' which we will be making in our DT lessons.  

Non-themed Subjects

English Skills;

English Skills;



LOGO (Computing)

Making Smoothies (DT)

Swimming/Tennis (PE)

Swimming/Athletics (PE)

German (MFL)

German (MFL)

The Bible (RE)

Hindu and Sikh Scripture (RE)

Food Glorious Food!(Environmental studies)

Examples of other planning are available on the main curriculum page.


If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher for further information.