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  • Year 3 97.3%
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  • Year 6 95.8%
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St Mary's CE Junior School

Enjoying Our Learning Together


Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


November 2017

We spent a wonderful afternoon exploring St Mary’s Church. We were able to go anywhere, touch anything (as long as we were careful!), look under, behind, on top of whatever we came across. On our journey of discovery, we chose our favourite area and then drew it and wrote why it was our favourite part of the church. We could choose to write sentences or a prayer. We also thought why people visited the church and how it is part of our community. Ysmena kindly answered lots of questions that we had thought of and told us a little bit about the very old font that is in the church. We look forward to welcoming you to our parent presentation on Monday 11th December 9.15am, where we will share with you other work that has been happening in class.


February 2018

In year 3 this half term, we have been learning about Fables in our English lessons. We started off by reading some Fables and discussing their morals. After that, we read “War and Peas” by Michael Foreman which was about a rich king and a poor king who went to war over food. We read the story then did lots of fun activities such as drama, role play and making and describing our own lands made from food. We even met one of the kings! We are currently writing our own stories based on the moral of “War and Peas”.