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Enjoying Our Learning Together

School Improvement

School improvement planning is a very important process in our school. Our evaluations help us work out what we do well and in what areas we need to further improve.

In 2016 we used Essex Education Services ‘Self-evaluation Portal’ at www.seplus.org to help us seek the views of children, parents, staff and governors along with our own school assessments to see how well we were doing against the ‘25 characteristics of high performing schools’. To find out more about these services please click here to download the brochure or visit www.eesforschools.org/SEplus .

We received survey feedback from 210 children, 112 parents, 20 members of staff and 9 governors. These views counted towards 50% of the total evaluation. The remaining 50% was based on our school assessment in which groups of teachers, our leadership team and governor representatives gave their views against the relevant ‘25 characteristics’ that were organised under six domains; ‘Learners’, ‘Teaching’, ‘People Management’, ‘Business Management’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Governance’.

It is with great thanks to you all for your contributions and feedback that have had a strong influence on the future direction the school will be taking.

The top 5 key priorities (characteristics) that will have the biggest impact on what we do are;

     1. Learning to learn (meta-cognition)

     2. Peer and collaborative learning

     3. Motivation and attitudes towards learning

     4. Professional development and

     5. Learner centredness

The features of these priorities have been pulled together within two new major projects that we have already begun working on in collaboration with ‘Herts for Learning’;

     A) ‘Mastery in Mathematics’

     B) ‘Growing Minds; developing a positive growth mindset’

These contexts were selected as children made least progress in mathematics across key stage 2 last year, and our boys did not attain as well as the girls in the combined subjects of Reading, Writing and Mathematics across all year groups.

A copy of our ‘Self-Evaluation Form 2015-16’ (SEF) and our draft ‘School Action Plan’ can be downloaded and viewed by clicking on the buttons in the left hand tool bar.

The full set of outcomes and viewing access to all our evaluations can be accessed below;

     Step 1;  go to www.seplus.org

     Step 2;  username = admin@stmarys306.herts.sch.uk

     Step 3; password = Zzwkfvnkdrv5 (case sensitive)

Please do note that no access to the outcomes for ‘Leadership’ have been permitted by the portal as a non-changeable default setting.

‘Maturity’ levels for each domain go from ‘0’ as the lowest to ‘3’ as the highest. Priorities are standardised across all schools from ‘0’ lowest to ‘30’ highest. Having the lowest ‘maturity’ does not necessarily mean that it is the highest ‘priority’ as a weighting factor is given to each of the ‘25 characteristics’ according to how important it is and the level of impact it will have on school improvement.

SEF 2015 16 Action Plan 2016