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Enjoying Our Learning Together

From 2016 all Year 6 children will be taking the new National Curriculum tests. Arrangements are similar to previous years SATs tests with the key difference being as follows;

The test week schedule for 2017 is set out below;

English reading test (1 hour, 50 marks)

English grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Paper 1: short answer questions (45 min, 50 marks)

Paper 2: Spelling (approx’ 15 min, 20 marks)

Mathematics test

Paper 1: arithmetic (30 min, 40 marks)

Paper 2: reasoning (40 min, 35 marks)

Mathematics test

Paper 3: reasoning (40 min, 35 marks)

Please see the left hand toolbar to  download sample papers by clicking on the relevant button. Our children do take these papers earlier in the year in preparation for the new tests

Teachers also have to submit their assessments based on a set of interim criteria. This interim criteria will continue to be used up until and including the 2017-18 academic year. Teacher assessments are vital because;

To view the ‘Interim teacher assessment framework’ please click on the link below;

National Curriculum Tests

Maths  Paper 3 Reading Mark Scheme Reading Answer Booklet GPS Answer Booklet Paper 1 GPS Answer Booklet Paper 2 Maths  Paper 1 Maths  Paper 2 Interim Teacher Assessment Framework
GPS  Mark Scheme Maths Mark Scheme

Sample papers provided by the DFE

Information for Parents